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Visual communication is a commercial area of art and design which includes graphic design, illustration and animation. Visual communication often has a primary function, for example advertising, branding, book design or illustration. Visual communication courses encourage students to develop their creative identity and may lead to specialising in a particular area, such as graphic design

Fine art is created purely for how it looks, in comparison to visual communication which has practical purpose. Fine art can cover a broad range of materials including sculpture, print, photography and film. It’s a great subject if you want to express your thoughts, feelings and views creatively, giving you the freedom to explore different materials and think outside the box. Studying a course in this area doesn’t limit you to being a fine artist, as graduates can apply their learning to a range of roles, such as those in teaching or marketing

Photography can be explored both commercially and within fine art. This subject involves exploring the latest digital technology and software, whilst giving you opportunities to find your passion with the lens. On this course, you could create a range of resources from magazine spreads, billboards to gallery installations. A portfolio of your work is often kept which showcases your skills and knowledge of your specialism. Universities, colleges and employers will often want to see this as evidence of your abilities and interest in that area.



BA (Hons) Fashion Photography – University of the Arts London BA (Hons) Animation – Edge Hill University BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture – University of Brighton


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