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Gaming is a huge industry with an enormous variety of roles, which is reflected in the wide range of platforms and gaming options that are on offer. Games design is a key role in this sector with game designers playing a big part in development alongside programmers, artists, writers and many others.

Courses in this area could focus on computer games art, design, development or technology, although you may be able to study a related subject with a broader focus, such as computer science or mathematics. Games design courses usually focus on developing your creative and technical skills so that by the time you graduate, you’re equipped with up-to-date skills that prepare you for a role in the games industry.

You may need to submit a portfolio of your work as part of an application for a degree course. Even if this isn’t required for your chosen course, it’s a good idea to keep a record of the work you’ve done to showcase your abilities and knowledge when you apply for jobs.

Careers in games design will usually have a practical focus. Job titles could include animator, game developer or software engineer, but a degree in this area could also be useful for a role as a data scientist or software tester.



BA (Hons) Game Development – Falmouth University

BA (Hons) Game Design and Production – Abertay University

BSc (Hons) Games Technology – University for the Creative Arts


Software engineer

Games developer

VFX artist