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Publishing, literature and journalism are exciting industries encompassing a whole range of different careers and options for study. If your favourite subject is English or Media, or you enjoy thinking creatively, developing new ideas and putting pen to paper then these are great options to look into. Maybe you’re a budding author or copywriter, or want to be on the front line reporting the biggest breaking news stories – it all starts with a foundation in communication, organisation and creativity.

There are a variety of courses at university level that you can take to start a career in these fields – some are more vocational, which means they train you for a specific job, and some are more academic, giving you a broad foundation of skills which will allow you to access a wide range of careers. There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s about what suits you, what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Many people wanting to work in publishing, literature or journalism will study a degree in English, Creative Writing or Media. This allows them to study something they enjoy and are passionate about while gaining transferable skills such as written communication, writing for different audiences and analysing different texts and media. Other people might study Journalism or Publishing, allowing them to take practical modules with a focus on the career they will be doing afterwards – these courses allow them to gain more practical skills such as using different types of cameras, learning shorthand or setting up a spread on the page.

There are benefits to studying academic courses and vocational courses – academic courses may leave a wider range of careers open to you, whereas vocational courses may give you a stronger skill base to jump start your career in a specific field. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck though! If you choose to study an English degree and then set your mind on a particular career, you can still gain valuable experience through work placements and internships, or if you choose to study Journalism and then decide Publishing is for you, you’ll still finish with a degree and great skills that you can transfer to your new career.


BA English Literature with Creative Writing – University of East Anglia

BA (Hons) Writing and Publishing – University of Derby

BA (Hons) Journalism – Birmingham City University


Digital copywriter

Public relations officer

Editorial assistant